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I was having a difficult time finding the building, didn't have a local # to call (what's up with that?) so I called the 800# only to find out that the building I was looking for was a chiropractors office? I found it, (there was a very small sign, what looked to be temporary, on an otherwise nondescript house that said NewLIfe Center?) it looked & felt like one of those seedy companies that you see on 20/20 or 60 Minutes where they've set up a 'business' under vague pretenses.

There was ZERO signage about Slim Co, nor did any of their cheesy 'literature' (actually there wasn't any, just some lame photocopied pages) have any type of co logo of any sort. Long story short, I felt like I had walked into a ruse to sell me supplements, 'nutritional counseling' and a detox program...all of which I declined!! The woman never introduced herself, talked 'at' me the whole time, NEVER engaged in conversation WITH me...I told her that I had recently lost 14lbs out of a total goal of 28lbs to which she said 'oh that's nice' then continued to drone on about how much water I needed to drink. She led me up a creaky set of steps to a 'room' which held a desk, treatment table & machine.

The door didn't even have a *** on it, only a deadbolt *** She sat down & began talking 'at' me as I stood there...after several questions, I looked around and asked if there was a chair that I could sit on? She said that she'd be taking some measurements shortly, so I continued to stand, while she droned on, again not making ANY attempt to engage me in any sort of conversation. She had no interest in what I was doing health/fitness wise, even as it pertained to this treatment. She hooked me up and told me to come back downstairs after the treatment ended.

As she was walking out of the room I said 'excuse me, what is your name'?!!!! After the treatment I went back downstairs and was put on the 'vibration machine' for 10 min. When I was finished I left, no one said good bye or anything!

I immediately called Groupon upon arriving home and said I had no interest in going back for the remaining treatments & that it felt seedy, dirty & deceptive...guess since I didn't want to buy all their 'extras' they had no interest in expending time with me!! DON'T WASTE YOUR $ AT THIS CO...I think the process is good in conjunction with a healthy diet/exercise program so I'm going to try it again with a different, more reputable company!!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Location: Elsmere, Delaware

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