Thank you slim co and Dr. Draper.

I was a size 22 down to a size 14, I am very happy with the results, I did everything I was suppose to drank water, exercised, and changed my eating habits, and the results were fantastic. I cant say enough good things about Slim co. I was 216 pounds and now I am at 199, and I feel great, the staff was fantastic the results are fabulous and I am getting a great new ward robe. I can't thank Slim Co and Dr.

Draper enough, 9 treatment and I am ecstatic with my new look.

I am going to continue on this new path of a healthy life style change. Thank you again Slim Co, Janet from NC

Product or Service Mentioned: The Slim Co Liposculpture Body Treatment.

Reason of review: Good quality.

The Slim Co Pros: Diet plan, Doctors knowledge sharing, Results, Guidance.

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You have to drink water, and watch what you eat. Exercise does help. The results from Slim Co is more amazing then just diet and exercise alone.


So for this to work, you have to exercise and diet? So is it the therapy that works, or is it the lifestyle change? Im curious about this..


It is a life style change, but with out slim Co I would not have gotten rid of my problem areas.


There was nothing I disliked, and would diffently will use again , if the weight starts to come back again.

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